Responding to an Emergency: A Guide for Food Banks and School Meal Programs

This guide is also available in Spanish.

This guide aims to help multisector actors to address the food security and nutrition needs of children during periods of extended or intermittent school closure due to a pandemic or other emergency. The collaboration of schools and food banks in this effort is the primary focus.

In partnership with The Global Child Nutrition Foundation (GCNF), The Global FoodBanking Network collaborates with the GCNF to support school meals and other programs that reduce child hunger and improve nutrition, food access, educational outcomes, and gender equity. The partnership provides technical support to food banking organizations in more than 40 countries that are on the frontlines of fighting food insecurity and hunger. GFN offers special thanks to GCNF for its support in creating this guide. The recommendations in this guide are based on research and a comprehensive literature review of best practices for school feeding programs.

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