Convening Food Systems Experts

Building resilient, sustainable food systems will take collaborative solutions. We bring together top food systems leaders to drive innovative, lasting change.

We believe that complex, systemic problems—like food insecurity and climate change—are best solved through collaboration.

That’s why we bring together bright minds who focus on food systems to discuss key issues and share creative solutions. Sometimes that means connecting food bank leaders from around the globe so they can exchange the innovative ideas and strategies that have worked in their communities and could be adapted to other contexts. Other times, we convene food systems experts from outside the food banking world to share their unique perspectives and engage in deep, challenging discussions. In every case, our goal is to create productive and collaborative spaces that move our world toward meaningful food systems change.

Our global events feature innovative and respected food systems thinkers from food banks, United Nations agencies, companies, and research institutions. Past events have highlighted policy solutions, shared partnership strategies, and launched critical research that support hunger alleviation and mitigating climate change.

Here are a few notable events where we brought food systems experts together:

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Food Banks, the UN Food Systems Summit, and the Future of Food” united food systems experts for a conversation on building more inclusive, equitable food systems.

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GFN and Champions 12.3 hosted the “Save Food, Fight Hunger” virtual event, a conversation that highlighted ways to reduce food loss and waste, contributing toward Sustainable Development Goal 12.3. Speakers focused particularly on food loss and waste reduction in the context of challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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On the sidelines of the UN High-level Political Forum (HLPF), GFN, WRAP, and the Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic hosted a panel discussion on how to advance progress on the SDGs and support policy solutions and partnerships that reduce food loss and waste and improve food security.   

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Raj Kumar, Founding President and Editor-in-Chief at Devex, presented “The Business of Changing the World,” an exploration of nontraditional models of philanthropy and aid—specifically how billionaires, tech disrupters, and social entrepreneurs are transforming the global aid industry.  

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