Ways to Partner

Join our movement to build more resilient food systems across the globe, and in the communities where you live and work.

Food banks can help us achieve a future we know is possible.

GFN partners with committed companies and foundations who share our vision of a world where everyone has access to safe, nutritious food and our food systems contribute to a thriving planet.

Food banks know how to get quality food into the hands of the people who need it most. And with local leaders in the driver’s seat, food banks can do more than just distribute food—they can alleviate hunger while ensuring food is culturally appropriate and respectful of local contexts, and can provide additional services, like nutrition education, school meal programs, job training, partnerships with small-scale farmers, and much more.

When food banks partner with GFN and organizations like yours, we reach our common goals faster: More people can access food, less food and fewer resources go to waste, and communities grow stronger and more resilient.

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Ways to Partner

Donate Funds
Invest in building the capacity of food banks and their local leaders across multiple countries or in specific regions.
LEARN MORELaunch Food and Product Partnerships
You play a vital role in long-term solutions to food insecurity and climate change by connecting your food and essential products to food banks around the world.

Host a Cause Marketing Campaign
Whether it’s online or in-person, involve your customers in a creative cause marketing campaign.
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Engage Your Employees
From volunteering to skills-based projects to virtual food drives, employee engagement programs with GFN are a triple-win: they are critical to a food bank’s operations; they positively impact the communities where you live and work; and they lead to higher productivity and loyalty in your workplace.

Why Partner with GFN

Partnering with GFN creates lasting, positive change through a Network of food banks in nearly 50 countries.

By partnering with GFN, you’re not only contributing to a world where everyone has access to food and to more sustainable food systems, but you’re doing so efficiently and effectively. Here are a few reasons that our partners support our work:

  • Our reach: GFN is made up of locally led food banks in nearly 50 countries, allowing you to support across multiple regions or deeply in individual communities.
  • Our community-led approach: The expertise of our staff and Network members shapes the technical assistance, and customized resources we provide to community leaders who are addressing hunger in the places they call home.
  • A proven model: Food banking reduces food waste and protects the environment, provides food access to people facing hunger, and builds resilient communities by supporting local organizations.
  • Aligned priorities: Food systems impact every part of our lives. Food banks play a critical role in addressing food systems’ most pressing challenges, including hunger relief, nutrition, climate change, community development, child hunger, and much more.
Those who work at the world’s food banks do more than simply provide vital nutrition and dignity to those suffering from hunger. They magnify the work of world’s farmers and ranchers by helping ensure the food they produce – and all the precious resources they put into it – is not wasted. In this way, The Global FoodBanking Network protects people, farming and ranching families, and the environment we all share.
Laura Eberlin, Global Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, John Deere & President, John Deere Foundation

Addressing the SDGs

The United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals serve as a blueprint to transform our world for people and the planet by 2030. Food banks play a key role in achieving SDG2 Zero Hunger and SDG12 Responsible Production & Consumption, and are a catalyst for many other SDGs.

Find out how food banks advance the SDGs.

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