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Explore and share our global campaigns that amplify the crucial work of locally led food banks and spotlight the change needed to build better food systems.
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Celebrating the Faces of Food Banking

We want to make sure the exceptional people behind food banking don’t go unnoticed, so we’re Celebrating the Faces of Food Banking. These are the people who make food banks and hunger alleviation around the world possible—from those harvesting produce on the farm to those serving up a hot meal or distributing parcels of food to those who need it most.

Past Campaigns

Partner with Women. Innovate for Change. Feed the World: International Women’s Day 2019

Food banks are community-based organizations that address food security at the local level. Food banks recover surplus food and redirect that food to those facing hunger. Food banks are powered by women and are uniquely equipped to serve the needs of women and girls facing hunger.

Innovate to Alleviate

In 2021, we celebrated 15 years of making hunger relief efforts more effective, efficient, and inclusive. Explore the remarkable game-changers that GFN and member food banks have introduced to address hunger and build resilient communities.

Food Banks Fill the Blanks

Food banks are experts in recovering and distributing food to people facing hunger–but that’s not all. The food bank model can help fill the blanks for solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges, like climate change, food insecurity, the cost-of-living crisis, malnutrition, and more.
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