Advancing Food Banks

Celebrating the Faces of Food Banking

Take a moment to learn about—and thank—the people who make food banking possible.

Last year, members of The Global FoodBanking Network made sure 32 million people facing hunger knew where their next meal was coming from. It’s an incredible collective effort—and it took thousands of dedicated, hardworking people to make it happen.

We want to make sure these exceptional people around the world don’t go unnoticed, so we’re Celebrating the Faces of Food Banking. These are the people who make food banks and hunger alleviation around the world possible—from those harvesting produce on the farm to those serving up a hot meal or distributing parcels of food to those who need it most.

For the next couple of weeks—and every week—we hope you’ll join us in Celebrating the Faces of Food Banking who ensure that everyone has a full plate of food. You can send your own personalized message using the form below. Make sure you use the dropdown menu to choose the specific food bank you would like to thank.

Food banks are powered by people, and these are just a few of the individuals alleviating hunger in their communities across the globe.

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