Millions of people across the globe face hunger while nearly a third of food is lost or wasted. It doesn’t have to be this way.
Food banking is key to the solution.
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Community-Led Approach

Our mission is simple: We advance and unite food banks to nourish the world’s hungry.
Mobilizing food systems change
We provide the information, space, and connections necessary to ensure the world’s food banks have a voice in global conversations, moving us toward lasting food systems change.
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Food bank leaders from around the world join GFN’s CEO, Lisa Moon, in a panel roundtable discussion on the state of global food banking. (Photo: The Global FoodBanking Network/Ken Jones Photography)
Advancing food banks
We ensure food banks have the resources they need to operate optimally, expand responsibly, and respond to unexpected shocks that come their way.
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Staff from Foodbank Việt Nam organize food in their warehouse in Ho Chi Minh City. (Photo: The Global FoodBanking Network/Hoang Viet Nguyen)


Million People
accessed food through a GFN member food bank in 2021
Million Children
received food from a GFN member food bank in 2021
The simple fact is, that without the formation of The Global FoodBanking Network, more people would be hungry, more good food would be unnecessarily wasted, and far less would be done globally to tackle these issues.
Lindsay Boswell
CEO, Fareshare UK
Community Organizations
partnered with GFN in 2021

Our Global Network of Food Banks

Find GFN members across six continents and nearly 50 countries.
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