Partnering With New Food Banks

GFN partners with local leaders to launch food banking operations in communities and countries where they had not previously existed. Since 2006, GFN has supported the launch of food banking organizations in 15 countries, making it possible for people in need to have access to food, and empowering those communities to support those who suffer from hunger and lack of nutrition. To ensure that our team is able to meaningfully contribute and support the launch of new food banks, GFN accepts only a limited number of food banking organizations into its Emerging Projects program. For more information about this program or to apply to work with our team, please contact us.


Food banks change lives and help uplift communities by reducing hunger and malnutrition. We encourage communities to enact a food banking system that benefits members of their community. Establishing a food banking system involves several phases that are recommended and outlined by GFN:
  • ​Assessment Phase
  • Planning Phase
  • Capitalization Phase
  • Implementation Phase
  • Adjustment Phase
If you’re interested in starting a food bank, contact GFN at

“We’ve only known GFN for a relatively short period of time, yet the amount of trust and assistance that GFN has given us is amazing. With GFN’s support, we now have a warehouse facility that allows us to receive additional food donations.”

Astrid Paramita

CEO and Co-Founder, Food Cycle Indonesia

Take Action

Food banking is a proven solution for nourishing communities through dedicated and unified action. Join us in creating a global network of food banks that empowers the world to defeat hunger.