Emergency Response Fund

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The demand for food is unbearably high.

The world is facing huge challenges on many fronts, especially with a growing number of disasters, conflicts, and droughts.

These are disasters like the earthquake in Turkey that displaced over 3 million people. Like the wildfires in Chile that burned over 300,000 hectares. And, like the severe drought in the Horn of Africa that is putting 22 million people at risk of acute food insecurity.

All of these crises have put tremendous strain on food banks and food bankers around the world.

Food bankers work in their communities to get food to those who need it most. They work in warehouses to sort through produce, drive trucks to get food to remote locations, and work with schools to get kids the nutrition they need.

Now, the demand for food is unbearably high and food banks need support to meet rising demand.

Help Food Banks Prepare, Respond, and Recover

To make an impact today, donate to GFN’s Emergency Response Fund. This fund will help GFN to support our member food banks to prepare ahead of time and act quickly when disasters and other emergencies strike.

The Global FoodBanking Network is uniquely positioned to support food banks all over the world in times of crisis. We partner with food banks to ensure they have the training, funds, and facilities to become more resilient and better able to support their communities during times of unrest or disaster.

We know emergencies are occurring with alarming frequency; invest in GFN’s Emergency Respond Fund today and we can ensure food banks have the resources they need to prepare, respond and recover.