James Fredrick

Media Relations and Strategy Associate Director

James Fredrick joins GFN with over 11 years of experience as a multimedia journalist and communications consultant. He has covered natural disasters and humanitarian crises for NPR, has written about Latin American migration trends in New York Times, and has reported on extreme weather and climate change in the Guardian. He has led non-profit communication campaigns advocating for migrant and refugee rights and presented his short film about asylum seekers in Tijuana, Mexico to briefings in the US House and Senate. James loves cooking and climbing mountains, from the Rockies down to the Trans-Mexican volcanic belt. James splits his time between Colorado and Mexico City and holds a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University.

Past Campaigns

How Sesc Mesa Brasil Went Above and Beyond After Floods

On April 29, days of heavy rains in Brazil’s southernmost state, Rio Grande do Sul, hit a breaking point. The heavy rain wasn’t unusual for the season — the same region had flooded just a year before — but this time, the rainfall was unprecedented. Rivers broke their banks, leaving small towns and major cities like Porto Alegre covered in feet of water.  

Webinars Highlight Critical Research on Food Donation Policies Around the World

How Countries Can Develop National Strategies for Food Loss and Waste

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