World Food Day 2020–How Food Banks Fight Hunger

This session recording is available in English and Spanish.

On World Food Day 2020, The Global FoodBanking Network recognized and celebrated the essential work performed by food banks around the world. The effects of COVID-19 caused ever increasing numbers of people to be food insecure. In all regions of the world, food banks provide support to those suffering from hunger. During COVID-19 those food banks have responded, innovated, and worked tirelessly to dramatically scale their operations and provide support to many more people.

Watch this unique event to discover the impact of food banks and hear directly from food bank leaders from different areas of the globe and learn about the work they do and the challenges they face.


  • Lisa Moon, President and CEO, The Global FoodBanking Network, USA
  • Natascha Hinsch, Executive Director, Red Argentina de Bancos de Alimentos
  • Astrid Paramita and Herman Paramita, Co-founders, FoodCycle Indonesia
  • Gidi Kroch, CEO, Leket Israel
  • John Gathungu, Executive Director, Food Banking Kenya
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Watch the session.