The State of Global Food Banking 2018: Nourishing the World

The State of Global Food Banking 2018: Nourishing the World is the first study to survey the landscape and impact of food banks globally. With a focus on The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) members and partner organizations, this report is intended to serve as an almanac of food banking, providing insights and demonstrating the effectiveness of the food banking model as a grassroots, community-led hunger intervention.

The theme of World Food Day 2018 is “Our Actions are our Future. A #ZeroHunger
world by 2030 is possible.” This report captures how food banks around the world—which serve approximately 60 million hungry people (CSP, 2013)—can work collaboratively across all sectors to help achieve the zero-hunger target.

Data for this report is provided by GFN member food banks, through GFN’s annual network survey. Data from partner food banking organizations in the United States and Europe are also included. This report offers insights into the operations, programs, reach of service, and number of meals distributed It also lays out country-by-country profiles, giving context to the data and the environment in which the food banks operate.

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