Alleviating Poverty Through Food Banking–Keynote Presentation by Dr. Martin Burt

This session recording is available in English and Spanish.

Is it possible to help users to “graduate” from our food banks? In this session Dr. Martin Burt provided a detailed explanation of how the “Poverty Stoplight,” the new poverty measurement tool and coaching methodology that he developed with his team at Fundación Paraguaya, empowers families to overcome multidimensional poverty. By allowing heads of households to self-diagnose their living conditions across 50 indicators and create customized family plans to overcome their deprivations, families turn their “reds” and “yellows” into “greens” in their dashboards.

The Stoplight is now being used by more than 400 organizations in 30 countries. Dr. Burt believes that the Poverty Stoplight could be a powerful tool for two main stakeholders: poor families and food banks who are willing to address the underlying structural and behavioral issues forcing people to need food assistance in the first place.


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