Your partnership has made a difference to food banks in 50+ countries

A message from the CEO

Dear Partner –

Earlier this week Thomson Reuters discussed the heroic work food banks are doing to help their neighbors.  Their work – which spans food banks on five continents – is only made possible due to the support of partners like you: thank you.

Since early March 2020, you have joined The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) in mounting a significant response to the greatest crisis the world has faced in a generation.  During a time when virtually every family has been impacted, you chose to follow our work, donate, and/or use your voice to advocate for those facing hunger.

Your partnership has made a difference.  Since the pandemic was declared in March, early research suggests that GFN network food banks have provided meals to more than 21.9 million people facing hunger.  That is an estimated five million additional people served than in 2019.  Your support and solidarity have been felt in 51 countries, in hundreds of communities.

In a very uncertain economic climate, thousands of globally-minded individuals donated and helped raise awareness to fight rising hunger due to the effects of COVID-19.  Nearly 50 multinational product donors – which provide vital food and funds that make the work of food banks possible – started or increased their support during this crisis.   It was thanks to supporters like you that GFN could spend approximately 7800 hours and more than US$14M in direct COVID-19 response.  All food banks served by GFN were offered support.  On average, our members increased service to 100,000 more people in need during this crisis.  We cannot thank you enough for partnering with us.

Regrettably, the poverty and hunger crises created by COVID-19 are far from over.  Last week, the International Monetary Fund projected the global economy would contract by 4.7% this year.  For the first time in recorded history, a recession is expected in all regions.  More than a billion workers are still not able to earn a living wage.  Hundreds of millions of children are still missing meals at school.  Food banks – which are rooted in their communities – are pressing on with hunger relief during these difficult times. It will take our collective support and perseverance to continue the fight against hunger.

Today GFN kicked off six months of virtual programming for food bank leaders and our partners.  You’ll be invited to our Food Bank Leadership Institute plenary sessions – and I hope you’ll be able to join a few.  We’d love for you to hear directly from the food banks GFN serves about the difference you are helping make possible in their communities.

Thank you again for your tireless commitment and support.  We are so very grateful.

My best,

Lisa Moon

President & CEO

The Global FoodBanking Network

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