Donate to the 10 in 10 Campaign

Help accelerate the power of food banking and fight hunger around the world.

There is enough food to feed the world, but one third of it is lost or wasted and never feeds hungry people. Food banks rescue perfectly edible, surplus food that would otherwise be wasted and distribute it to those in need.

The Global FoodBanking Network is the founder and leader of a thriving network of food banks around the world. We currently work in 34 countries and represent 750 food banks. This year GFN is celebrating its 10-year anniversary by making a bold new goal: CERTIFY 10 FOOD BANKS & NATIONAL NETWORKS IN 10 COUNTRIES THIS YEAR.

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If you are internationally located and get a declined card error message, please consult with your banking institution to get prior authorization in order to process your donation. Please call +1 312-782-4560 or email if you are still having issues so we can further assist you.

The Global FoodBanking Network is a 501(c)3 charitable organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service in the United States of America; contributions are tax-deductibile to the extent allowed by US law. Tax deductibility outside of the US is dependent on local tax regulations. GFN’s Tax ID number (EIN) is: 20-4268851