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10 Things You Should Know about GFN’s New Member Food Bank in Shanghai

The first food bank in mainland China, the Green Food Bank, recently launched in Shanghai. We are very excited to welcome it to The Global FoodBanking Network’s (GFN) community of food banks!

To help you get to know Green Food Bank, GFN’s Craig Nemitz, who just returned from Shanghai where he worked with Green Food Bank leaders, shares 10 interesting facts about the organization:

  1. A Green Start: The idea to start a food bank in Shanghai was initially a response to the issue of food waste. A local environmental group named Green Oasis was researching ways to alleviate food waste and learned about the benefits of food banking. The group started collecting surplus food and distributing it to people in Shanghai. The group named this effort the Green Food Bank.
  2. The Eve of Progress: Eve Li, representing Green Oasis, attended GFN’s annual Food Bank Leadership Institute (FBLI) in March 2015. FBLI was a turning point. Eve gained knowledge. She was inspired.
  3. FBLI Success Story: At FBLI, Eve made a commitment to herself … She planned to open a viable food bank immediately upon her return to Shanghai. True to her word, Eve and her colleagues officially launched Green Food Bank less than three months after Eve attended FBLI.
  4. Unique Distribution Model: Most food banks distribute food to social service organizations that feed people. Green Food Bank is unique because it primarily distributes food and other necessities directly to people in need. The food bank efficiently organizes ad-hoc events and programs to match inventory and community needs.
  5. Meeting Community Needs: Green Food Bank serves three distinct populations: elderly without pensions, families without breadwinners, and disabled people who are unable work.
  6. Reducing Food Waste: In the first half of 2015, Green Food Bank distributed 22.5 tons of food and grocery products.
  7. Green Food Bank Loves Volunteers: The food bank works with 280 volunteers each month. Many of the volunteers are high school and college students … the next generation of food bank supporters and leaders.
  8. Open Every Day: Green Food Bank is open from 9:00am-5:00pm, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  9. There’s an App for That: Green Food Bank is developing its own mobile app that will link food donors, fund donors and volunteers. It is expected to launch in 2016.
  10. Return Trip to FBLI: Green Food Bank will be sending another representative to FBLI for our 10th annual event in March, 2016.
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