Assuring Safety

GFN provides a trusted network of hunger-relief organizations. Members of our network are GFN Certified, and those affiliated with us are making great strides towards this certification, which raises them to the next level of expertise and performance.

GFN Certification assures that a food banking organization follows established legal, financial, and operational protocols to operate at optimal efficiency and effectiveness for a maximum level of impact.

The GFN Certification Requirements:

  • Organizational governance structure
  • Transparent fiscal management
  • Food safety and handling operations, compliant with domestic laws and regulations
  • Strong inventory control and product traceability
  • Effective food sourcing practices
  • Nondiscrimination in service delivery
  • Network administration policies and protocols to ensure compliance by distribution partners
  • Willingness to be an active participant in network projects, programs, and information sharing
  • Public, non-partisan leadership on the issue of hunger
  • Successful completion of a full legal due diligence assessment

The Benefits of GFN Certification

Certification opens doors for stronger local assistance from global partners who are looking for credible organizations to support. This can result in more funds, volunteers, food, and other resources critical to the food bank’s growth and effectiveness.

Corporate supporters take comfort in the fundamental, dynamic, and comprehensive GFN Certification. Because GFN Certified food banks have the tools and support to operate at such high operational standards, they are best equipped to rescue and distribute more food in an efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly manner.

Visit Our Global Reach to see all of our Certified Members.

“Food banks are a green solution to help alleviate hunger, address poverty, and reduce unnecessary food loss in the world. For Foodbank Russia, we could not be more thankful for the value of GFN’s expertise and guidance in those areas.”

Yulia Nazarova

President, Foodbank Rus

Take Action

Food banking is a proven solution for nourishing communities through dedicated and unified action. Join us in creating a global network of food banks that empowers the world to defeat hunger.