Report from The Field: Progress in Paraguay | Strategic location offers an abundance of nutritious produce

August 2014

Paraguay has an interesting food landscape. The country has very few food producers and manufacturers, so most packaged goods come from outside of the country. However, the country is ripe with produce and th…

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Report from The Field: GFN in Argentina | Creating Efficiency through Modernization

August 2014

Since 2004, Red Argentina de Bancos de Alimentos (Red) has served to soften the impact that an often turbulent economy has had on many Argentines. Red, a GFN certified national network member, serves more tha…

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IBM: 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report

IBM’s 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report highlighted its partnership with GFN, Bancos de Alimentos de México and local food bank Banco de Alimentos de Mérida (BAMAC). Through this partnership, IBM h…

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Report from The Field: GFN in Peru | Helping to Create a Food Bank with International Standards

When people think of Peru, images of luscious rainforests, the breathtaking Andes mountain range, and bright and friendly people usually come to mind. Businesses see a country that has experienced consistent Read the full story >>

Shining a Light on Childhood Hunger | Food Banking is a Solution to this Critical Problem

Today, more than 66 million school children attend class hungry in the developing world, and the long term effects of this issue can be striking. It has been estimated that more than 10 percent of lifetime earnings are lost due to u…

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