Global Hunger

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  • Today nearly 800 million people in the world are hungry. In fact, hunger is the number one risk to health worldwide. Click on the link below to get more hunger facts, figures and the definitions of hunger.

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Social and Economic Impact of Hunger

Hunger is a problem for all of us – not just those that experience hunger first hand.

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Hunger Resources

  • Links to partners and other organizations
    engaged in the fight against hunger.

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Childhood Hunger: How Food Banks Help

Childhood hunger continues to be a major problem in the world. Malnutrition is an underlying cause of death of 3.1 million children each year – nearly one half (45%) of the global total of children’s deaths. Malnutrition is not always lethal, but it is always devastating. Children who are malnourished achieve less at school and their productivity and health in adult life is affected, which has dire financial costs for entire countries. It has been estimated that more than 10 percent of lifetime earnings are lost due to under-nutrition and micronutrient deficiencies, and the annual cost of under-nutrition in terms of global GDP is estimated at 2-3% or between $1.4 to $2.1 trillion.

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Preventing Food Waste and Protecting the Environment

Food banking has two interrelated virtues: it feeds people and helps protect our environment … our land, our sea, our sky.

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