The ToolKits are designed to provide comprehensive instruction on topics of broad focus. They are not intended to provide detailed operational instruction, but rather to define the conceptual framework for the subject matter.

Feasibility Analysis:
Starting a Food Bank System

This document is designed for groups who are interested in undertaking a project to establish a new food banking system. Food bank development projects are huge undertakings with multiple stakeholders and interests, require large amounts of capital and resources, and demand long-term planning. The Feasibility Analysis breaks the process down into several phases from assessment and planning to implementation. The analysis is not a comprehensive how-to guide, but rather a framework for project development. Includes sample Food Bank Operating and Capital Budget, Organizational Chart, and Principles of Business Planning.

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The Food Sourcing ToolKit:
A Resource for Increased Donations, Smoother Operations and Growth

Filled with tips and hints from industry professionals, this document is designed to support food banks as they work to access and secure more food to distribute to hungry people in their communities. The ToolKit presents knowledge gleaned from professionals around the globe with decades of experience in food banking that will help build bridges of understanding and compassion among global businesses and citizens. This ToolKit will provide education about food bank operations, the grocery industry perspective, food safety, and relationship building with local and global companies.

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The Backpack Program ToolKit:
A Resource for Developing School Feeding Programs

Filled with information from GFN’s experience in the developing Backpack programs in several countries, this ToolKit contains information on how to decide on and executing a Backpack Program for an established food bank. The ToolKit breaks the program down into How the Program Works, the Role of the National Network and includes a sample Partner Agreement between the food bank and the local agency.

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