Keys to Success

The Keys to Success provide more specific, operational level instruction on the subject matter. They are intended to take concepts from the ToolKits and delve more deeply into their application.

Government Partnerships:
Assessing the Value of Food Security Partnerships with Government

This Key to Success examines how relationships between food banks and governments can benefit the food bank and how government involvement can be an asset to food banking if leveraged and managed properly. Includes sample Memorandum of Understanding
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Information Systems Overview:
Food Banks and Food Bank Networks

Prepared by The Global FoodBanking Network and Aidmatrix, this Key to Success focuses on the technology needed to run a food bank efficiently. It details the different types of systems that contribute to effective food bank operations as well as providing guidelines for the kinds of data that the food bank should be monitoring and managing.
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National Food Bank Systems
System Structures and Community Food Bank Membership Agreements

This Key to Success highlights the importance of developing a National Food Bank Network to support the independent food banks in the country and provides examples as to how such a network might be structured. It explains how a National Network would work with the local food banks and the responsibilities the National Network would have to its constituent food banks. Includes sample National Network Member Agreement.
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Food Sourcing Tools
Food and Grocery Products Donor Assurances and Pledge

This Key to Success was created following a series of extensive meetings and surveys with a number of major grocery product donors. It highlights the concerns that grocery product donors have when donating product to food banks and also demonstrates how food banks can position themselves to allay these fears. Includes sample Food Donor Assurance Pledge
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Templates and Sample Documents