Egyptian Food Bank Makes Significant Advancements in Alleviating Hunger

Egyptian Food Bank logoThe Egyptian Food Bank’s (EFB) motto is: “Be Greedy to Feed and Help More Needy.” It’s part challenge, part inspiration, part dedication … and all about working aggressively toward achieving the goal of creating An Egypt Free from Hunger by 2020.

Dr. Moez El Shohdi, CEO and co-founder of the EFB, is leading the charge for developing food banks throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and Pakistan. He is recognized for his work to develop and promote unique solutions through EFB that address hunger as a way to lift people out of the desperation of poverty. 

EFB is an example for and supporter of other organizations and governments working to develop successful food banks to alleviate hunger and strengthen local communities. Helping to expand food banks throughout the MENA region and Pakistan is an important priority for Moez and EFB. These efforts are resulting in real progress including new food banks in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. In addition, food banks are in development in Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, Sudan, Mauritania, and United Arab Emirates.

Model of Success

EFB’s many successes at home and throughout the region serve as examples of effective collaboration, innovative programming and operational effectiveness.

EFB is fortunate to have the support of many highly engaged and generous global and local supporters in a number of industries. For example, Coca-Cola International, in Egypt and the Middle East, Microsoft, Nestlé, PepsiCo, and others all have increased their engagement this past year. This support has enabled EFB to advance technical capabilities at food banks, promote causes including nutrition, reduce food waste, increase volunteerism, and provide more food to more people in need.

Below are some examples how EFB is developing innovative food rescue operations, providing leadership for food bank development in the region, and engaging best-in-class companies in the fight against hunger. All of these accomplishments helped the food bank “Be Greedy to Feed and Help More Needy” this year.

Spreading the Word, Providing More Food

Hotel Industry Awareness “Not to Waste Food” Program Donates More than 17 Million Meals a Month!

The “Not to Waste Food” program is an awareness and feeding campaign focused on the hotel and restaurant industry. The program began five years ago when EFB asked hotels and restaurants to donate safe, nutritious food at the end of the day. This year, the program escalated when EFB signed a protocol with the Egyptian Hotel Association. The Association encouraged the support and participation of every hotel and restaurant in Egypt. The response has been tremendous with 400 participants - from five star hotels to fast food chains - agreeing to help. The “Not to Waste Food” program is currently serving more than 17 million meals each month!

Hilton Hotel properties in Egypt will be joining the effort in the coming months. This arrangement is, in part, an outcome of a larger partnership agreement between Hilton Worldwide and The Global FoodBanking Network announced on World Food Day in October. Key lessons from Hilton’s pilot initiative with EFB will be used as the Hilton food donation program expands to other countries where GFN partners with food banks.

Supporting Regional Food Bank Development

EFB Shares Expertise with Near Arab Countries

EFB continuously works to share expertise in support of any request from the region. In September, Moez presented the EFB model at the Third Annual Conference on Effective Partnership and Information Sharing for Better Humanitarian Action. The event was held under the auspices of H.E. Deputy Prime Minister of Kuwait and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah. It was hosted by the International Islamic Charitable Organization (IICO) in partnership with Direct Aid.  The event aimed to improve humanitarian response through promoting effective partnerships between governments, humanitarian institutions, NGOs and the private sector.

Later in the month, Moez attended the Near East Regional Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on Food Security and Nutrition in Khartoum that was organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The workshop covered many topics including regional/continental priorities for food security, social protection, climate change, and food waste. One of the recommendations of the workshop was "to replicate the EFB model in the region to solve hunger problems." In addition, EFB was invited to the World Food Security 39th Session in Rome.

More than twenty countries participated in this workshop including: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Arabic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. 

EFB Inspires Food Bank Leaders in Pakistan to “Be Greedy to Feed and Help More Needy”

Joining leaders from the Aman Foundation at a development meeting to advance food banking in Pakistan, Moez provided information about the EFB model. The group worked together to determine ways for the Pakistan food bank to use EFB best practices to fit the specific needs of the area. 

Moez conducted a special Food Bank Steering Committee Session for attendees and led a brainstorm session to develop ideas regarding vision, mission, core values and goals for the Pakistan food bank. From that session, the Steering Committee adopted the EFB mantra: “Be Greedy to Feed More Needy.”

Engaging Global Companies in the Fight Against Hunger

Coca-Cola Distributes Meals During Ramadan

Lebanese Food Bank, Moez El Shodi, and Coca-Cola
(L to R) Dr. Moez El Shodi pictured with Antoine Tayyar

EFB and Coca-Cola International in Egypt have a successful, long-term (2010-2020) partnership supporting complete Villages' Development and Feeding the Needy. This partnership was recently extended between the Regional Egyptian Food Bank and Coca-Cola Middle East with the launch of the first Ramadan feeding program with the Lebanese Food Bank and the Jordanian Food Bank.

The Ramadan program was announced at a press conference in the presence of Lebanon's Minister of Social Affairs Mr. Wael Abou Faour. The program was designed to distribute one million meals in Lebanon and Jordan during the Holy month of Ramadan. This cooperation was initiated in Egypt and is expanding in the Middle East thanks to Mr. Antoine Tayyar, Director of Public Affairs and Communications for Coca-Cola in the Middle East.

Microsoft Brings Better Technology to the Table

With a gift of software valued at more than US $266,000, Microsoft strengthened EFB’s technical capabilities. The software will help workers in the food bank be more productive so EFB can provide better, more efficient service to the community. 

The grant is part of Microsoft’s “Unlimited Potential” program that will deliver IT capabilities to five billion people around the world. 

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PepsiCo Egypt “Pushes the Generous Button”

PepsiCo Egypt made a big splash this year donating a creative media campaign that raised more than $2 million in funds for school feeding programs. The money will provide hot daily meals to feed 20,000 students in 10 under-resourced schools for a full year.

The campaign called “Push the Generous Button and Pepsi Will be with You,” featured Donia Samir Ghanim, a famous actress in the Arab region, and was seen on TV, radio, public relations, outdoor and mobile advertising.


More Egyptian Food Bank Stories of Success

  • EFB and GFN were featured in the Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition newsletter in October. The article focused on the Memorandum of Understanding the two groups signed to support the shared mission of combating hunger through food banking.
  • Moez was invited by the FAO to participate in the Committee on World Food Security 39th Session in Rome in October 2012. This invitation recognized EFB as a model in helping to solve hunger problems in the world.
  • Moez participated in the annual Arab Corporate Social Responsibility Event in Dubai.
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