Planned Giving

Your planned gift is appreciated and will support programs designed to alleviate hunger throughout the world. There are several ways to make a planned gift, including marketable securities, charitable bequests, and life insurance.

To discuss planned giving options, and for more information contact:
Cathe Wood, Director of Donor Relations
Phone: +1 312-782-4560

NOTE:  The Global FoodBanking Network cannot provide legal or financial advice. You are encouraged to meet with your legal representative or financial advisor to determine the appropriate way to give based on your circumstances and the best language to use when making a bequest.

Marketable  Securities

Contributing marketable securities such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds may allow you to make a contribution to GFN with little or no effect on your current spendable income. In some cases, by contributing appreciated securities, you may receive tax advantages.  Stocks may be transferred either electronically or by mail.

To make a gift of stock, mutual funds, or bonds, contact Cathe Wood, Director of Donor Relations, at +1 (312) 782-4560.

Charitable Bequests

Bequests made through wills or living trusts can play an important role in GFN programs. Such commitments also enable individuals to make gifts that may not be possible during their lifetimes.
Bequests can take several forms:

  • A specific bequest directs that The GFN receive a specific amount of money or specific piece of property.
  • A residual bequest designates all, or a portion of whatever remains, after all debts, taxes, and expenses have been paid from the estate.
  • A contingent bequest takes effect only under certain conditions.

Sample language is available.

You are encouraged to meet with your legal representative or financial advisor to determine the best language to use when making your bequest.

Life Insurance

By making a gift of life insurance to GFN, you help to ensure the future of our programs and efforts. USA donors who irrevocably assign ownership and beneficial interest in a policy to GFN may also qualify for a charitable tax deduction.

The type of insurance you have and your decision to name GFN as a beneficiary or to give ownership of the policy to GFN will affect acceptance and recognition of the gift. Whole and universal life insurance policies may accrue cash value and are usually assignable. The donor of a whole or universal life insurance policy will receive GFN recognition at the time ownership is assigned.

Term life insurance policies, as may be provided by an employer, are not assignable. However, a you (the insured) may still be able to designate GFN as a beneficiary, although no GFN recognition is given until payment is made under the policy.

Criteria for making a gift of life insurance:

  • If GFN is assigned ownership of the policy and the policy is fully paid, or you pay the premiums directly to the insurance company, the minimum face value of a gifted insurance policy is US$1,000.
  • When the policy is not fully paid and you pay the premiums through GFN, the minimum face value of the policy is US$5,000.

The Global FoodBanking Network will not make premium payments or take administrative responsibility for policies not owned by The Global FoodBanking Network.

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