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Earth Day 2014

Earth Day - Tuesday April 22 - was created to inspire awareness and appreciation for our environment. This Earth Day, you can learn more about how food banking is an environmentally friendly solution to the interrelated problems of hunger and food waste.

The Global FoodBanking Network is dedicated to alleviating world hunger and reducing food waste by creating, supporting, and strengthening food banks around the world.

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Earth Day 2014

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News & Updates

Expanding Food Banking Throughout India

Since we helped launch The Delhi Food Bank (DFB) India’s first food bank in June 2012, food banking has been on an ambitious course with development in multiple communities and aggressive plans for expansion over the next decade.
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Brussels: reducing waste first piece in food resource puzzle

To tackle pollution and climate change, policy-makers, NGOs and industry alike support more vegetables in Europeans' diets, while insisting on better use of resources and waste-management.
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War and waste pose food risks for future

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN, the amount of food that is never consumed is as high in industrialized countries as it is in developing countries. However, in developing countries more than 40 percent of that total occurs at the production level. But in developed countries, an equal percentage is due to food that is simply thrown away by either retailers or consumers.
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More wage earners turn to Foodbank

Foodbank West Australia chief executive Greg Hebble said the not-for-profit organisation had noted a rise in demand in the past year from low- income workers who could pay the mortgage, the electricity bill and send their children to school but struggled to afford groceries.
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GFN Connections Make a Difference - IBM

Feeding the hungry isn’t part of the typical day-to-day experience for most IBM employees. But, for two seasoned IBM consultants, finding ways to bring more food to hungry people in Mérida, Mexico, became a full-time job … as well as a mission with real meaning. For the food bank in Mérida, the month-long project will help the food bank to bring more food to the area’s hungry people.
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GFN Connections Make a Difference - MSD (Merck & Co.)

It came at just the right time, according to Michael Shields, General Manager of Changing Lives’ FareShare North East, a Community Food Network in the UK. “We were at full capacity in terms of storage and van space. Thanks to an introduction from The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN), MSD’s (Merck & Co.) Neighbor of Choice (NOC) program provided funds that will enable us to rescue more food, store it safely, and distribute it to more community programs than ever before. This is excellent news for our vulnerable communities.”
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Triple Gift Match

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We are thrilled to report that we have raised more than 80% of our Triple Gift Match goal! Great job to everyone who has already supported our efforts to fight hunger around the world. Let's keep it going!

This is Our Story

Learn how GFN works with food banks around the world to help fight against hunger and food waste.


Welcome Rotarians

The Global FoodBanking Network is proud to be a recognized service partner of Rotary International.

Visit our Rotary International landing page for information about how you and your club can help food banks around the world.

Global FoodBanking Network

The Global FoodBanking Network's Mission:

To alleviate global hunger by collaborating to develop food banks in communities where they are needed around the world and by supporting food banks where they exist. Learn more about our mission and vision >


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