GFN Mourns the Loss of George McGovern

The world lost a leader in the fight against world hunger over the weekend when George McGovern died at the age of 90. The Global FoodBanking Network was fortunate to have had Senator McSenator George McGovern - PodiumGovern as the keynote speaker at our 2011 Food Bank Leadership Institute where 26 people from 15 countries had a chance to hear from this charismatic man. Some of my colleagues and I shared dinner with the Senator the evening before that session. Though he moved a little slowly, he was smart as a whip recalling decades of public service and private anecdotes (including some very funny stories about Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon).

He was gentle and plain spoken with a great compassion for people unable to help themselves. His passion burned throughout his life, and you have to look no further than the celebration of his 88th birthday where he skydove and dedicated his first ever jump to hungry children around the world.
It was an honor and a distinct pleasure to have welcomed Senator McGovern to our 2011 Leadership Institute, and he seemed to enjoy it every bit as much as we delighted in having him. Thanks for caring so deeply and doing so much Senator. We will miss you.

Jeffrey Klein
President and CEO
The Global FoodBanking Network 


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