A Note of Thanks

Wall Street Journal Office Network Helps Bring Awareness of Hunger Issues into the Office Environment

Yes, that is GFN on the large flat screen in the building lobby! We are incredibly grateful to Wall Street Journal Office Network (WSJ Office Network) for making it possible.

Thanks to WSJ Office Network, business people in premier office buildings across the USA will learn about the critical issue of world hunger and GFN’s mission to alleviate hunger through food banking. WSJ Office Network is providing GFN with three weeks of continuous digital advertising designed to educate and activate people to help GFN feed those in need. The GFN campaign will run from October 15 through November 2, 2012.

Here’s how it works: The high-definition screens will display a series of compelling facts about hunger and food waste and encourage viewers to help by supporting GFN. To make it easy for people to act in real time, The Kellogg Company is adding a three-week “tweet twist” to their FeedBack Challenge to help raise USD$10,000 for GFN. The screens let people know that they can tweet their support for the FeedBack Challenge.

WSJ Office Network delivers up-to-the-minute news, building messages, and advertising through high-definition digital flat screens located in nearly 780 premier office buildings in the top 15 markets in the United States. WSJ Office Network reaches business people when and where they are highly engaged and receptive. Being in the company of this powerful media organization and having the benefit of their renowned counsel on reaching this important audience is an incredible opportunity for GFN.


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