Informatica Global HR Summit Addresses Corporate Social Responsibility and Hunger

On June 18 2012, Jeff Klein participated as a speaker at the “Informatica Global HR Summit”. Informatica, a data integration company, structured a section of its multi-day meeting of its global human resource managers to address the growing importance of corporate social responsibility within leading corporations. This movement has gathered momentum as employees seek opportunities facilitated by companies to engage in volunteer experiences that are both enriching and utilize the energy and talents of the work force.

Informatica, a GFN supporter, asked Klein to join other speakers on such topics as the growing corporate social responsibility movement, climate change and innovative educational programs for youth. The company has identified and supported hunger as an issue it feels strongly about and has a history of active involvement with food banks in multiple countries.

“It was an honor to present to such a global and engaged audience,” said Klein. “Informatica has shown true commitment to proactively provide its talented and growing workforce with opportunities to engage in communities where it works across the world.”

“The leadership team at Informatica supports and encourages the efforts of our nearly 2,500 employees around the globe to get involved and support our youth,” agreed Marlo Banks of Informatica. “I can’t think of any issue that is more important than working to see that no child in this world goes hungry.”


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